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Fish Fryday at The Sunset Grill on Lake Bluff 06/12/21

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Opa! Had a fun evening trying the fish fry over at the Sunset Grill! Free Movie-theatre-worthy popcorn served when seated so they must have known we were about to get our drink on! Nothing cools down that flaming cheese like a couple of strong, ice cold mixers. Saganki barely fit in the dish, it was so BIG and delicious... Biglicious! The fish was crunchy BUT the light hue of brown indicated to me that the oil wasn't up to temp which made for a greazy bite. Happens sometimes when you get to an establishment at opening. Broiled for sure next time. Wifie liked the brisket tacos though I thought they were a little bland. Felt like a resort experience for sure. Florida-shamorida, Tropical Antioch is hard to beat. Todays stop, Turtle bay for island drinks and pizza! SUMMER THYME is for us FOODIES.

The fish needed to be the same color brown as the onion rings. It's an indication of the oil not being hot enough. Led to the fish being a touch greasy but was still really crispy. Start the fryer an hour before opening maybe?

OPA! What you don't see is my grin from ear to ear like a kid on Christmas morn'. Ya got CHEESE and Ya got FIRE... everthing I LOVE IN LIFE!

Just look at the that AMAZING VIEW! The lake view behind me is also gorgeous.

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