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Lunch at Sandbar and Island Grille in Twin Lakes- 09/04/21

Bringing south Florida to my back yard, The Tiki-themed Sand Bar and Island Grille located in our sister city of Twin Lakes made us some incredible resort-worthy meals and drinks for lunch yesterday. All I can say is just.... WOW! Missy and I decided to live off the specials’ menu and special it was. Got a SOLID Markers-Mark Old Fashion Sweet: One and DONE, Thank you! Wifie got the Blue Raspberry Rum Haven Mojito that rivaled any sunshine-state made cocktail. The foooood was the star though. I jumped at the Grouper slider special: Chunks of lightly breaded Grouper with homemade garlic infused tar-tar sauce and deep fried spicey(barely) pickles on 3 toasted slider buns! Hands down the closest thing to the freshly caught Grouper sandwiches purchased at pier-side fish mongers down in the Gulf. Really Amazing! Missy LOVED her Asian Shrimp Tacos. Any Resort would have been PROUD to have these ginger-soy marinated shrimp tacos with rice wine infused carrots and alfalfa sprouts on their menus. My pics and words just don’t do them justice. Loved the food and LOVED the fact that when all the windows are open, the place basically becomes an outdoor venue! Thanks Sand Bar and Island Grille for a wonderful, transportive meal.

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