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Happy Lobster Food Truck- 07/14/21

Lobster? Yes Please! Last Night, preordered a 5 o’clock pickup with The Happy Lobster food truck. Found them chilling out over in Sprenger Park. Got the Lobster Roll, Lobster Grilled Cheese and Whoopie pie. A little rain fit right into the East Coast theme scene. Scooped it up then headed back home so the Wifie and I could split up the spoils. Gigantic Lobster pieces were seasoned with Old bay and butter (I think) then placed on a brioche bun. WOW! Check out that HUGE Lobster claw! Sandwiches come with Kettle chips and red cabbage soaked in vinegar... I think it was a condiment more than it was a coleslaw?!? Maybe pickled Cabbage? We both liked the Lobster Roll but I thought the overall taste got lost in the soft, flavorful brioche bun. Missy REALLY liked the bun. Different Strokes for Different Folks. My feeling is that the simple New England style hot dog bun works best as they do not wash out the Lobster and old bay flavors! The grilled cheese was super cheesy and filled with Lobster. Here too the soft, flavorful bread dominated the meal. Only the top layer of the bread was toasted and barely at that. Like 1% toasted. When I think toasted bread, I think Siebert's Reubens. Their crunchy marbled bread offsets the soft corned beef and sauerkraut. Should be the same here. Basically, the Texas toast was Texas bread. Missy thinks if we would have eaten there, it would have been much better. I have my doubts. Again, Siebert's bread remains crunchy for HOURS after ordering! Moving on, The Whoopie pie turned out to be a prepackaged store-bought pie... it was okay. The whole meal was just okay, unfortunately. Dropped 50 bucks which is about the same amount we dropped at the Lodge... which scored us a slew of drinks, an appetizer and a couple of meals! If your jonesing for huge chunks of Lobster then try them out. Otherwise, stick to the brick and mortar.

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