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Fish Fryday TO-GO at Sieberts Pub in Salem- 08/28/21

Friday Fish Fry, Home addition! Tried the rest, going for the best. Siebert's Pub take out order to go! Head up: The berts’ is sooo busy that they encourage people to call them Friday Afternoon in order to schedule an evening pick-up. I called at noon and got a 430-time slot, no problem. The place was dead when I got there... if you're looking to eat indoors- this would be the time to get there. Reuben for Missy and Fish Fry with potato pancakes for me, throw in a couple 2 hog wings as an appie’. Take-out orders have a touch of prep time so we throw the Reuben in a cold frying pan and turn it up to med/high for 2-3 minutes then flip and repeat.... It could have been eaten like it was but there is no shame in our reheat game. Tossing the fish in the air fryer was not necessary as it was still uber crunchie. Only 1 piece was a little soft at the bottom and even then, it was negatable. In my opinion, they have the best crust on any fish. Not seasoned, not greasy just a perfect coating so the buttery-flakey fish is the star of the show. The pancakes were a little tough to cut and chewy. Not my favorite. Shouldn’t have to use a knife to cut a pancake! Came with great coleslaw and the trimmings.... sour cream, apple sauce, and tar-tar sauce. What can you say about that Reuben other than it’s the standard on how all of them should be made... minus the pound of thousand island sauce-slathered with-in. The meat is the star of the show so not sure why they were so heavy handed with the dressing. O well, Missy loved it and the bites I stole from her were wonderful, messssy as all get-out but wonderful. Too much food for a single sitting so we saved the Hog wings and a couple of slabs of fish to eat during the Saturday Bears game. Best 35 bucks (rounded up to 40 with gratuity) spent this year! Tipping on to-go orders is a must during times like these. Thanks Siebert's Pub for a magical meal on the most magical day of the week- Fryday!

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