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Fish Fryday at Reflections on Deep Lake in Lake Villa- 10/03/21

Dzień dobry, my Friends! (That’s Polish for Good day) Friday Fish Fry with my wifies fam’ at Reflections on Deep Lake in Lindenhurst. Heard a rumor about a resort-like restaurant tucked back in a neighborhood of converted summer homes RIGHT on Deep Lake so we went lookin’. After missing the first turn-off, we find the impressive wooden structure easily enough as all roads lead to this Polish Palace. Wow. It’s really reminiscent of those spots you see in the Dells or way up dar’ in Minocqua. Stunning inside and outside. Our reservations were set for 5:15 but we actually arrive at 4:35. Hey, going with the in-laws so grabbing a drink or 2 before dinner is an absolute must. Our table was ready so no need to sit at the stunning bar. Service is fantastic and authentic as our waitress has a heavy Polish accent. I Love it. Reminds me of eating at my Grandmas’ when I was just a wee lad. Being Greek on one side, Polish on the other- I’m ALWAYS jonesing for a good pierogi and some kraut, too bad it’s fish fryday. I might be guessing here but I’m pretty sure my Parents created the first generation of Gree-locks to roam this good, green Earth. Only in AMERICA, folks! O’boy, No guessing if my Markers Mark Old Fashioned sweet is going to be strong- it is! We see they have a bunch of specials listed and ANYTHING called a Seafood Platter is a must in my book. All orders come with a soup or salad and choice of potato (fried, mashed, baked). My daring darling gets the Polish Platter, to which I plan on plundering a-plenty, while everyone else gets the stuffed cabbage. Beef dumpling soup is the popular choice amongst my troop. They all thought it was wonderful. Earlier, our server told us they also had GUMBO(!?!) which triggered my WTF meter. Gotta try it, my interest has been peaked. AND Polish Gumbo is exactly what you think it would be…. Vegetable broth with potatoes and carrots, zero spice or peppers. Get the beef dumpling. ‘ZoomBang’ and a server brings us our stacked plates of food and it all LOOKS amazing. Missy’s 'Polish Platter' is all I can think about as I pick at my over-cooked shrimp and lackluster scallops. The Fish is good, not over seasoned like some spots tend to do with their broiled fish but nothing special for the lofty price. Here is where I say that I should have just gotten the FRY but that 'Polish Platter' has got my full attention. Missy relents and gives me a meat pierogi, some sausage and a big chunk of stuffed cabbage…its… all…. so.... goooood and the KRAUT is perfectly made. Not too sour and a touch sweet with a hint of bacon- just like me! I know it’s Fish Fry Friday but I really regret not getting Polish food. Truly. Thanks, Reflections for just an absolutely enchanting time and some killer vittles. We will be back to watch the fall colors on your deck.

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