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Fish Fryday at Red Barn Restaurant at the Twin Lakes Country Club- 07/24/23

Sister city Fish Fry! Had an Amazing meal over at the Red Barn located in the Twin Lakes Country Club. For those who are not familiar, they serve family style (all you care to eat) fish fry's just like Paul Bunyons or a bunch of magical restaurants over at Disney World. Waited in line for 15 minutes before opening... another Disney-like experience!!! Holy Cow... Happy Hour has us spending only 10 (Milwaukee) BUCKS for 3 drinks while waiting in line with the Wifie and family. 100% tip should be automatic on cheap drinks like that. 5 o’clock hits (opening of the dining hall) the line moves fast and we are sitting by 5:04. We all get the fry so the food comes super quick. Before the action starts, they drop off a bread basket and the condiment try (hidden Mickey!!!) which has creamy coleslaw, apple sauce and killer tartar sauce. ASK for SOUR CREAM and Cocktail sauce as it’s not included. Our server, Heather, hooked us up. A plate filled with Fried Haddock, baked (maybe broiled?) Cod, seasoned fries and potato pancakes arrived at the table. Cod was perfectly cooked, not dry in the least. Comes with butter for dippin’. Fried Haddock was thin and held together okay. Tasted good but I could tell it was cooked 20 minutes earlier as they pump so much food outta the kitchen for us animals to consume that they prep it ahead of time. Still good but a touch dry. Onto the spuds. Fries are seasoned and good, not bad but not amazing. The first pancake I got was super- kali- fragilist- ikexp... oh forget it. It was GREAT! Cooked and flavored in such a way that we all thought it was one of the best pancakes ever! Next batch of latkes... not so much! Over cooked (black), dry (fell apart) and reaalllly salty! Sometimes that happens when putting out the quantities of food like they do. The 2nd order of Cod was just as good as the first. Soft, flakey, juicy and delicious. We had an OVERALLY filling and Fun Time!

This is what is left after we picked off all the stuff we wanted! All the fried on one plate. Look how much is LEFT after filling our plates! No problem - we polished it off and had a second plate of 'cakes and Cod a little later.

Hidden Mickey condiment tray!

This was my 1st plate. Yummmmmm

Baked Cod at it's finest! Comes with 3 vats of butter or what I like to call 'Cod Shots'! Bottoms Up

Waiting in line 15 minutes before opening the dining hall. Dude behind me checking out my butt! Hey, the party's up here, buddy! Hee Hee, No worries, he is family. Hmmm, or worry more?!?

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