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Fish Fryday at The Lodge in Antioch- 07/10/21

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Wanted a Northwoods experience without the 5 hours of driving soooo we made a TRIP to the LODGE in Downtown Antioch instead. Sat outside with a REAL NICE view and enjoyed a bad arse Makers Mark old fashion sweet with my bad arse sweet darlin’ wife. Bunch of seats available before 5:30! Filled up quickly after that. We shared the Duck Tenders while we finished up our cool drinks. Love that Sweet Asian Ginger dipping sauce. Then came the big show. I got the 3-piece COD Friday Fish Fry special with a THICK n CRUNCHY Potato Pancake. Missy got a HUGE Buffalo Chicken Wrap with a heap of seasoned fries (either they were battered or double fried). She said the wrap was good but needed blue cheese dressing to offset the heat but the fries were excellent. Loved’ them taters. Well, I decided to go with the COD instead of the Walleye, which I later regretted. Cod was flakey and there was a crispy coating on the top side.... but those beer battered fish sometimes get RREEEAALLY soggy on the bottom side... This was the case here BUT that potato pancake was something special. Gotz to have my apple sauce n’ Sour cream but this latke almost didn’t need it. Soft, perfectly seasoned potato shavings with a green onion undertone all surrounded by a turtle like shell of CRUNCH. Missy pondered other toppings like an open face Reuben ON TOP of the Pancake! I was think’n Pot Roast but regardless, the potato pancake could be the base for a food truck, it was so good! Lodges Latkes or some such. It was AMAZING. Overall, Good food – Great view – Fun TIME - Gonna get that Walleye next time, for sure. PS : Went next door to Something Sweet confectionary and picked up something sweet for my Something Sweet! Let’s send the owner Michele all our love and support as she champions her fight against Cancer, one Bear Claw at a time. Gotta Love our fellow Antiochians.

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