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Dinner at Rivalry Ale House in Antioch 09/10/21

Rivalry Ale House dinner with the wifie. No fish fry on Friday but plenty of beer and ambiance. The open floor plan is a breath of fresh air... literally! Time to get our Irish on by getting a couple of wonderful Riverly IPAs’. Hmmmm, Interesting menu. Spaetzle beef marsala has my wife and I scratching our heads. What the heck is a Gaelic Lobster melt? Maybe they boiled the lobster in Guiness? Jambalaya??? WTAF? Couldn’t find the old favorites of Bangers and Mash or Fish and Chips so we decide to stick to the menu recommendations. Missy LOVES sauerbraten so she grabs the Short Rib Sauerbraten Po Boy; while I order the Patty Peppercorn Burger since the Ned Ryerson is my favorite burger in the world – location: DC Cobbs in McHenry. Google it. Patty P’ is a thick juicy burger that was perfectly cooked and sexy as all get out! Unfortunately, I couldn’t taste the Corned Beef at all. It was razor thin so it was more condiment than the wall of meat I was hoping for. To my chagrin, the delicious beefy burgers flavor overwhelmed the trinity of Swiss cheese, peppercorn dressing and corned beef toppings so all I taste is red meat. Good but not what I was expecting. The Wife loved her short rib sandwich. LOVED it.... but -according to her- it was most defiantly NOT sauerbraten. Vinegary Red cabbage slaw on the sammy worked well offsetting the bold richness of the short ribs. It gave the illusion of a sauerbraten sandwich but it was just a reallllly good beef sandwich covered in a gooey beer cheese. Yummy but confusing as it was not sauerbraten. Truth bomb: the Fries were basically not edible as some were uber greasy and ALL of them were limp as noodles. We took them to go and hope the air fryer can pump some life into them back home. Service was great and quick. Do yourself a favor and do NOT sit under a speaker for the love of GOD just don’t it. The BASS is silly loud. Just silly. With adjusted expectations, cannot wait to go back for round 2.

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