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Breakfast at Vegas Cafe in Downtown Antioch- 08/07/21

Viva Breakfast at the one and only (Las) Vegas Cafe. It’s 10 am and Antioch is JUMPIN’. Missy and I sit in awe of the slowly moving traffic at our sidewalk table. Our server Danielle is AMAZINGLY quick with every aspect of our meal... from bringing us our coffee and food to dropping off the check! This gal was a seeker at Hogwarts for sure. Trying something new, I get the Country eggs benedict... which is actually a fancy biscuits n’ gravy. Had to cut this bad boy in half to see how the gears worked: Half a biscuit, whole sausage patty, a poached scrambled egg(?), slice o’ cheese all covered in biscuit gravy! Gosh Darn if every bite wasn't delicious. If you're looking for spicy – ask Danielle for the Cholula hot sauce (or just use black pepper) as there is exactly ZERO bite in this sausage filled gravy. Got FULL eating just half this order but that’s Vegas for ya’. While I have had crunchier taters, it was the ‘classic’ Vegas style hashbrowns with a light crunch and soft, creamy inside that everybody loves. Shared a side of bacon with the better half since all she got was scrambled eggs, hashbrowns and toast otherwise known as the Hangover Cure 101. Bacon looked nice but we both agreed it was ordinary at best which is too bad but O well, rolled ‘snake eyes’ on the bacon but we still came out a winner! Thanks Vegas Cafe'- we are stuffed and had an awesome time while watching people watching us watching them. PS the couple at the other table order poached eggs, oatmeal, wheat toast with sides’ of avocado. I both hate them and love them because it is how I should be ordering..... and yet here we are. Love them more!

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