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Breakfast at Oasis located in P.O.B, Antioch- 09/19/21

Pre-game breakfast bonanza with the Wifie at The Oasis Bar and Restaurant located in The Port of Blarneys. You Coming? Meet’cha there! First, The place is abuzz with activity.... figuratively and literally as wee beasties fly around us unabated in the open-air dining room. Just a fact of life when eating outside(ish) this time of year. Ah, Nature. Hey, the buggies like that good stuff and boy did we find the good stuff! Namely, The New England Benedict that Missy ordered is just pure gold. Amazingly handcrafted Crabcakes topped with poached(ish) Eggs slathered in Hollandaise sauce and crispy Northwoods style Hashbrowns. Me being me, I got the Biscuits and Gravy and INSTANTLY regretted my decision when the food arrived tableside. Don’t get me wrong, My meal is a standard B&G meal that is reminiscent of those at Vegas or Lakeside P’house. It’s not spicy, biscuits tasted homemade, and sausage is plentiful in the thick gravy... it's good but the scrambled eggs come in the form of a HUGE patty that looks and tastes a touch overcooked. They’re just okay. My BIG mistake was pilfering a bite of Missys’ Crabcake bennie’ early in the meal as everything else I consume afterward tastes dull. The fragments of her meal that I was able to wrestle away transported me back to the beaches of Sanibel Island. Magic is real and it’s made outta crab! Missy and I agree it's one of the finest breakfast dishes we have had in Lake County. Period. FYI, Quick Facts- Our favorite Sammy: Roost Pork Sandwich at Roost 59. Favorite Fish Fry: Seibert's Pub and NOW our favorite Breakfast: New England style Eggs Benedict from The Oasis. Anywho, we had a great time people-watching all the folks in boats. Fanning the flies away surely helped burn half our meals calories but finding that New England style Treasure makes the effort well worth it! Thanks, Oasis. We WILL be back soon!

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