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Breakfast at Lakes Pancake House- 06/19/21

Ye Old Antiochians remember where the A&W used to be? Well it's a breakfast joint now called the Lake’s Pancake House and we just had to try it! Sat outside under the canopy and found the cure for the previous nights endeavors. 'Hangover Skillet' with a half order of biscuits and gravy on the side did the trick for me. Flavorful gravy was thick and covered my homemade biscuit like a warm blanket. Beautiful Missy really enjoyed her eggs benedict florentine but she says the real star were the hashbrowns. Super crunchy on the outside, smooth creamy on the inside. We loved the food and had a great time! Thanks Lakes' psss- Mike at the next table over let us know that Lovin' Oven has the best biscuits & gravy in town so... CHALLENGE ACCEPTED ! See ya soon!

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